Hunger Games

22 Apr

Log 43
Thursday, April 5, 2012
10:45 PM

I’m confused. I want to say I get it but I just can’t. It’s difficult for me to believe that my interpretation of the message to be true. Why sould she ask me to read the books first? Why would she say that she really wanted to get me the books? Why would she say I’ll understand the message after reading them? What does it really mean?

I have only finished the first book and it’s already pushing me to formulate assumptions I refuse to accept. The first book ended with a friend falling for the heroine and the heroine being confused about being in love with a long time friend who has been there for her long before the ‘Hunger Games’ and a partner who professed his hidden feelings for her during the games.

The moment I’ve opened the book the first time until I closed it for the last, I’ve had this impression that she already knows that I’m in love with her. Well, it’s obvious in a way.

But what I don’t get is that in certain parts of the story, there are instances when the heroine gets confused about her feelings for her friend. Does this mean she’s confused as well? Does it mean that somewhere in her, she is considering opening a door for me? Has she ever thought of the possibility of me and her being together?

The end of the first book didn’t end too well. Her emotions were conflicted as she was presented with a diffult choice between two friends. How does her message fit in with the story?

What does she really want to say? Why can’t she just say it straight? I don’t mind being just her friend. But getting a cryptic message like this just messes me up.

I’m not even sure if what she’s really trying to do is to say her farewells. It does sound like a farewell to me.

What the hell?


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