I Miss Being Crude

29 Apr

Log 53
Sunday, April 29, 2012
9:35 PM

I haven’t been thinking about her lately. I know I haven’t forgotten about her. I just exert too much effort to divert my thoughts whenever she haunts my thoughts. I have gotten good at it to the point that I have deceived myself in believing it is over. Yet, whenever I see her name or whenever I see her post something involving happiness, marriage or relationships, I get affected.

I’m exhausted with all these.

I just want to lose all emotions before I get back to the city. I just want to be free of the shackles that hinder me from flirting and dating and seducing. I just want to be the crude man I was. I miss that. It was easier for me to be happy when I was still crude.

I miss having a dirty mouth.

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